Parent's Guide to Emergencies at LAUSD Schools



• Information will be provided through automated phone, text and email messages, District or school websites, and local TV broadcast - depending on the circumstances of the emergency.

• During an emergency, students may not have access to a personal cell phone.

At Home

• Ensure personal safety first; your child will be cared for at school until you arrive.

• Walk to school if possible; streets may be unsafe or dangerous to navigate.

• Leave a note at home indicating destination and time left; others may look for you.


At School

• The primary role of a school is the safety and welfare of the children; school is one of the safest places for students to be during an emergency.

• School personnel are required by law to remain on duty for the duration of an emergency.

• LAUSD schools have a 3-day supply of water, food, and other emergency supplies.

Items to Bring

• Driver's license or other photo identification.

• Cell phone (for updates).

• Medical information and medication, if applicable.

Arrival at School

• Prepare to arrive calm, patient, and ready to follow school personnel directions; encourage others to do the same.

• Expect to wait outside the school until all students are accounted for and staff begins the student release process.


Release Process

• Students will be released in an orderly manner, to ensure safety and properly account for all students.

• Parents and emergency card designees will line up at the Request Gate to inform staff which children they are picking up.

• Staff will match names of parents/designees to names on the emergency card pick-up list. Only those listed on the emergency card will be allowed to pick up students.

• Parents/designees will sign children out at the Reunion Gate.