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Parent Center

Our Parent Center is located in Room 7 and is run by Mrs.Elizabeth Amezola, our Parent Center Director. The mission of our Parent Center is to include parents as our partners and empower our families with the tools necessary to support their child's education. Services offered in our Parent Center include: Computer classes, Parent Workshops on a variety of topics, opportunities for parent leadership, input and volunteering. Workshops and trainings at the Parent Center are led by our Parent Center Director, our School Psychologist, Categorical Programs Coordinator, Intervention Support Coordinator, School Nurse, Teachers, Technology Support Assistant and visiting presenters.

Parent Center Schedule

Our Parent Center is open for all parents during the following times:

Stay Tuned for our 2022-34 Trainings and Workshops!

Planned trainings for 2022-23 include:
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Academic Workshops
  • Workshops on Health Habits
  • Special Education Workshops to help parents understand Special Education issues, especially good for parents of students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Technology workshops - how to better utilize computers and technology to help your child.
  • Stay Tuned for Additional Workshops...coming soon
  • See our Monthly Newsletter for specific dates & times

Parent Resources
Parent Documents
  • Parent Involvement Policy
  • Parent-School Compact
  • School Title I Parent Meeting
  • Parent/Student Handbook Distributed
  • District Title I Parent Involvement Policy