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Attendance Incentive Program

Bellingham has implemented an Attendance Incentive Program in order to encourage and motivate students to come to school everyday and on time!

This program rewards students for individual attendance, as well as classrooms who achieve perfect attendance for their whole class.

Monthly Attendance: Students who have perfect attendance for the month will  be able to participate in our monthly school dances held in the multi-purpose building during recess.  Classes with the highest percentage of monthly attendance will also host the school's mascot, 'Plumpbee', in their classroom for the month.

Classroom Attendance: All classrooms have a "Perfect Attendance" banner. The class colors one letter each day of perfect attendance (no absences or tardies). When the entire class fills the Perfect Attendance banner, the classroom will be invited to an ice cream party.

End of Reporting Period: All students that have achieved perfect attendance at the end of the reporting period either in Fall and Spring will receive 10 extra pink tickets!

End of School Year: All students that have achieved perfect attendance at the end of the school year will be invited to a special ceremony in which they will receive a certificate and t-shirt.

Daily attendance is crucial for the success of every student at Bellingham!  Based on the LAUSD Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) attendance goals for the 2018-19 school year, all students should have no more than seven (7) absences for the entire school year in order to maintain proficient to advanced attendance expectations.  Parents are reminded to send their child/children each day to benefit from the instructional program.  
Please see the 2018-19 LCAP Goals for Student Attendance PDF chart below that describes Proficient attendance as well as Chronic Absence.  Each school in LAUSD is expected to have no more than 9% chronically absent students by the end of the 2018-19 school year.  Parents, please help our school meet our District attendance expectations by not scheduling vacations during school time.  Also, please try and schedule doctor/dental appointments after school if possible.  Lastly, please help to ensure that your child is on time each day so that he or she benefits from the instructional program.
Did you know that schools lose money every time a student is absent?  Please see the 2017-18 PDF chart below that shows how much money Bellingham lost due to student absences. This is money that could have been spent on books, materials, technology, and services that can benefit your child.  
  • Breakfast in the classrooms is served from 8:00- 8:30 A.M.
  • Our first bell rings at 7:55am. Students should be ready to line up at this time.
  • Archwood entrance gates will be closed promptly at 8:00A.M. Late students must enter school through the main office. Tardies will be recorded.
  • Please send a note explaining your child's absence when he/she returns to school.

Monthly Attendance Winners

~New winners coming soon!~
180 DAYS
Chronic Absence
15 or More Days
Far Below Basic Attendance: <87%
Below Basic Attendance: 87-91%
24+ Absences
Warning Signs
8-14 Days
Basic Attendance: 92-95% 8-14
Good Attendance
7 or Fewer Days Absent
Proficient Attendance: 96-99%
Perfect Attendance: 100%